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Pedagogy In Urdu.pdf --> DOWNLOAD

Pedagogy In Urdu.pdf --> DOWNLOAD

The subject of Urdu language is widely known in Pakistan. Students often have to take Urdu as compulsory subject in their schools. In the past, it was also compulsory that the intermediate level students take Urdu as a subject. The First ever students board was started in Lahore to teach Urdu in Pakistan. In this way, Pakistan has the only Urdu medium education system in the whole world. In the present scenario, Urdu is not compulsory in schools, but the government is providing Urdu medium education in various levels. However, it is compulsory that students should have to learn Urdu as a second language. It is also compulsory for the students of the fourth and fifth grades to learn Urdu as an additional subject. The students of the ninth grade should study Urdu as the main subject. In addition, it is compulsory for the students of the tenth grade to learn Urdu as a compulsory subject. In the present scenario, Urdu is being taught in only a few universities and colleges in the country. Moreover, the curriculum of Urdu language is also being organized in national level by the Department of Urdu of the Ministry of Education. The Department of Urdu is conducting a three-year Urdu National Level Teachers Certificate course from the end of the year. Besides that, an Urdu National level Certificate course is also being conducted. This certificate course is being conducted in a centralized manner in different universities of the country. Besides that, the Urdu National level exam is also being conducted every year. 5 Things You Don't Know About the URDU Language – Life & Culture Aug 27, 2018 Whether you are from Pakistan, a Pakistani or a resident of Pakistan, you would be aware that the URDU language is the official language of the country. Most of the official documents, communication and even travel in Pakistan is done in Urdu. Some people also learn the Urdu language as a second language. However, there are a lot of other things that you do not know about the URDU language. In this article, we are going to tell you about the 5 things that you don't know about the URDU language. You might not know about them because of the following reasons: You might have been to a certain place or a place that speaks in Urdu but you were not aware of the language and culture of that place. You were speaking in your own language and were not able to understand the meaning of that language. You might have been able to


Pedagogy In Urdu.pdf

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